On Sunday in legislative elections President of France Emmanuel Macron losses control of the National Assembly. A major obstruction which can lead the country to went through a political downturn excepting that he will be willing to negotiate alliances with other parties.

Ensemble coalition Macron’s centrist wishes to upraise the retirement age and further excavate EU integration. According to near results they will be short with the number of majorities required to control the parliament. There are two sets of alliances set up which are left-wing alliance and right-wing alliance.

Left-wing alliance is the biggest opposition group, and the right-wing alliance has the high win records. Bruno Le Mare Finance minister stated the situation as a “democratic shock “and also mentioned that it would be difficult to protect and reform the capacity of French if the other allied group did not corporate. A dangling parliament requires compromises and a level of power sharing which has not been observed in France in recent decades.

There is no specific time period for things to unroll in France. For the last time the president failed to get majority was in the year 1988. Eventually a snap election can be called by Macron if legislative gridlock assures. In April Macron became the first French president to win the second term in two decades as voters stood up for him to keep the opposition party out of power.

His willingness to hound further reform for second biggest economy in euro zone resulted increase in supporters for his policies and support from both right and left alliances. It’s time for Macron to decide if he wishes to seek alliance with the Les Republicans or run a minority government which will negotiate bills case by case with other parties.


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