Quad Summit to commence in Japan, what exactly is the QUAD alliance?

Quad Summit to commence in Japan, what exactly is the QUAD alliance?

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or QUAD is a strategic forum made up of four nations- India, USA, Japan and Australia. One of the objectives of this alliance is working towards an open, free, inclusive and prosperous Indo Pacific region. The Group had met in 2007 for the first time. It is said to be a maritime alliance of democracies where meetings are held along with summits, military drills and exchange of information.

US President Biden, Indian PM Narendra Modi, newly elected Australian PM Anthony Albanese and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida to meet in Japan on 24th May to discuss the current global issues such as war in Ukraine, global food security crisis, climate change, Chinese threat to invade Taiwan and many other issues.

US along with 12 other countries have joined a new trade pact for the Indo Pacific region. President Biden says the pact will allow US to work closely with emerging Asian economies. The trade will focus on digital trade, supply chain, renewable energy and anti corruption. The 12 countries to join the summit are India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. These countries together with US make up for 40% of world GDP.

Another topic that will be discussed is the illegal fishing in the Indo Pacific region. China accounts for over 90% of the illegal fishing which has depleted the fish stock in the region. The four countries have plans to launch maritime satellite based initiative that will be used to counter illegal Chinese fishing. The new initiative will be using satellite to connect with existing system in India, Singapore and Pacific region that will create a new tracking system to check on illegal fishing in South East Asia, South Pacific and Indian ocean. Illegal fishing problem has been faced by many other countries with them accusing Chinese fishermen of violating treaties and fishing in economic zones to cause damage to the environment.

Chinese foreign ministry officials have made statements regarding the summit and calling it doomed to fail. Further stating that such a strategy will create division in the region, increase confrontations and will destroy regional peace in the long term.


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